Never Give Up

when the battle is tough,the toughs never give up. Many continued to ask themselves, why shouldn't I give up? We have good dreams but no enabling environment to actualize our dream. We have great ideas that can change this generation but there is no money to execute our idea, eventually many give up their dreams and ideas. A lot of occurrence made our dream flimsy and unrealistic and we settle for less. Why should you settle for less. You can achie

ve your dream if you believe in your self just like an adage says "people who believe themselves will truly hand something so powerful". Examples sometimes could be the best teacher.
Michael Faraday was a popular in the world of science. He was a scientist with an idea that change the universe. He never give up. Michael dropout of school when he was just 13yrs old, he wanted to be a scientist but there is no money for him to go to school. That is a good reason for him to do something else. How can one be a scientist without going to school but he never give up. As a young boy, there was an element of fear in him. Fear is an enmity to success. He started working as a newspaper vendor at a tender age. Along the way he met Davy the scientist who name chlorine gas. Davy owns a laboratory and michael volunteer to work with him. He knew where he was going, he could have continue being a vendor and for go his dream but he didn't. He for go the immediate reward and build on his future. You can do that also,aim at your target.
Further more, He continue to progress under the guidance of Davy and as time goes on he began to work on his own. He worked diligently and this paid off. He was more successful than his master. His achievement include:
Discovering liquid chlorine.
Formed the law of electrolysis and electro magnetism. He did exploit because he never gave up. His name was written on platter of gold. Our generation and the coming generations we never forget him. You too can change the world just keep going for all his well. Let me share with you the parable of pencil.
the most important thing about me is what is inside of me.
I write on any surface because it makes me a better pencil
am not afraid of mistake for i have an eraser
i put myself in the hand of someone because only in their hand i can write 
Have a mentor, let someone guide you and encourage your. When you feel depress al
ways reference  the parable above.
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