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Elena's Diary Part 3 : Not As Portray By Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert Diary

The word of the elders goes a long way. What happen in vampire diaries was really interesting but my story in Nigeria ivory tower was super interesting. I woke up sound and healthy,  I took my bath and breakfast. Am ready to head to the counselors office. The office is located at unity building (one of the most beautiful structure in campus). Most of my friends saluted me on my way to the office,  I  integrated smartly into the system and  the reward was more friends. Diary I want to assure you that lectures are yet to commence at the time of documenting this, so I can't imagine what's waiting for me when lectures starts.
Diary, I kept a secret from you long ago, I had an affair with Roy while in high school but it turn out bad. The relationship blind folded me to the extent of chasing my closet friend Carolina away. Carolina took a bold step by informing my parent, my dad called he said "embrace people who love you even in the time of your weakness.…

Elena's Diary (2)

Elena Gilbert

In the first part of this series, I portrayed what the real Elena Gilbert would be like without all the "vampirish" factors included. I hope you guys enjoyed the first part. I got messages from people  asking when the second part will be released, and as I do not want to disappont my readers, here's is the anticipated part 2 of the series.

Elena In Marble Lodge.
Marble lodge is the best hall of residence in Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. Elena being an international student was more than happy to be resided there. 20/8/16
Dear Diary, here I am again, life here is becoming interesting. I have been accepted by my course mates; they relate with me just like one of them. Marble lodge is so "it", sometimes I forget this isn't home(Phoenix Arizona). It was my first weekend on campus and what happened on my first day was totally behind me as none of the guys have disturbed me since then. I was quite sure they had given up, or so I though…

Elena's Diary

Elena Gilbert Diary I am Elena Gilbert, I once featured in the Diaries of vampires know as vampire diaries. I have a hidden diary which am  going  to reveal  in this series, stories about real me. My Dad is a nutritional  scientist and mum too. I have rich a educational background and it's  my turn to attend college.
On August 14 2015, I was matriculated into Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB)  an ivory tower in Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is my story:

Dear diary,  17/8/2016  It's a great pleasure for me to visit you today. I learnt new things each day and am here to give account of what happened  today.
        "An epitome of beauty" said Eze.
        "you are like a rose in my garden"  said Phillip.
        "your beauty glows like that of peacock"  said Roy .
These words touch a part in my heart because this happens to be the first time guys appreciated  my beauty, a part of me was happy and the other part was confused. Thre…