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Elena's Diary Part 4

Elena Gilbert Diary My alarm rang. It was exactly 6:00am.Wednesday,it happened to be my first lecture day in FUNAAB. I slept like a log that day. Am happy to see today, I did my quiet time and a short prayer before I headed to the kitchen to prepare toast bread and tea for my breakfast. The lecture is scheduled to hold 10:00am at jao 3 lecture theater. Jao 3 lecture hall is very big with capacity of 1000+,it's well equipped with good sound system, a projector, white and electronic board and well arrange seats. As I stepped into the lecture all, everyone were surprised, it look awkward to some as how can a white decide to come to an Africa school when America boost of the best colleges in the world. I'm flattered by their assessment, I thought in myself why do these guys look at themselves low. I believe we are all the same whether you are white or black and being a black doesn't mean you should look at yourself as inferior being. It's was like a picture - postcard wh…