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Overcoming failure and past mistakes : 360 Degree U-turn

Overcoming Failure and Past Mistakes We have hope of succeeding if we learn from our past mistakes and pull together to make the hard choices.
Failure is not the end, it just mean we need to try again until we get it.
U-turn is a word common in transporting world especially vehicles and motorcycle. We all know what u-turn is, literally u-turn in a vehicle is carried out by driving in a semicircle in order to travel in opposite direction. Figuratively, it is a reversal of policy, attitude, a volte-face, a back flip. 360 degrees is a mathematical term which am gonna use with the figurative meaning of u-turn. 360 degrees is the sum of angle in a circle, so 360 degrees in a figurative term simply means total reversal of an attitude (note the total-maximum possibility of changing something, that made it 360 degree. Partially it would have been 180 degree).

Loneliness : Overcoming Loneliness

"Feeling lonely!", I don't think it's a nice phrase. Growing up is very interesting and many of us play and laugh until our teenage years when "loneliness" became one of our everyday language. Elementary and High School is  full of fun, we play and hangout with friends. Many of us at Elementary stage don't really know "loneliness" except a  few among us. Research shows that as will get to late teenage years and early youth year, we experience loneliness and many finds it hard to cope with it. If care is not taken, loneliness can lead to chronic depression and sadness. Lonely What is loneliness?

Eating Healthy Tips : Teenage Guide.

Healthy Eating
I believe healthy eating contribute to long life. Indulge Magazine originally wrote this article and I think you guys will find it useful. Something funny is going on. More girls are on diets and more girls are overweight than ever before.Let us be frank, many of us have a painful relationship with food. But not liking your body- and not being able to enjoy food without guilt- takes the fun out of life. You can wind up feeling bad most of the time, and your friends probably do too. Here are six ways to feel good about yourself and your food.
6 Healthy Eating Tips
1. Eat only when you're hungry.


It's another day fleekersblog readers(you guys are the best),I hope you guys are doing fine? Fleekersblog is purely for youth development and today I will teach you guys how to start a blog under the "how to question segment". Let's journey together into the world of blogging.

What is a blog? Android English dictionary


Hey guys am happy to share this on this wonderful platform.Ever wondered why  guys do things and believe they can get away with things, then let's analyze this together there is a difference between the nice girl and the bitch. THE NICE GIRL Lets meet the nice girl 1.SHE'S THE GIVER: gives all her attention and everything to her man that she barely knows without letting him invest in the relationship. Always wants her attention to be reciprocated. calls at every given opportunity, compromise her freedom for him,does only what her man wants or likes just to keep the relationship Mental note #1:Anything A man chases runs from him 2.SHE'S THE CARER :the nice girl cares too much,goes out of her way to impress him like slim down,use make up etc,does all he wants without questions, makes plans for him all the time,gives in to last minute calls and meetings, gives benefits of doubt most times Mental note#2:once a man begins to lose interest in you because you are willing to d…

Self Concept

Self Concept
It another day folks, hope you are enjoying yourself. I love you all and promise to continue giving my best.

Self Concept
Self-Concept can also be call self-understanding. Self- Concept simply means the believe one holds about onself in responses to what others think. 
"Who am I?" have asked myself this question several times, it sounds like a rhetorical question but it requires an answer. Who am I question gave birth to self-concept or self-understanding. I was bred in one of the badest area in my town, as I'm growing up there was need for me to know "who am I". I don't want the environment to define my life,then self concept became my watch word.
Self Concept can also be define as an Idea of self constructed from the belief one holds about oneself and the responses of others.I'm a type of person who like seeing others succeed. I carried out my personal survey on how youth are doing, I discovered that many of us allow the environment to defin…

Elena's Diary part 6

Elena Gilbert Diary 2/12/16
Dear Diary,
I'm here as usual to keep record of how things are going here. I shared how diligent my room mates are during my last visit and the need for academic excellence.
After a long lecture, I went straight to COLERM(College Of Environmental Resources and Management) garden to relax. All eye were on me because I always stand out due to my skin color. I brought out my new iPhone 6 so as to listen to music, I like relaxing with music. The music was superb, it was new Adele 25 album. Eze saw me and ran towards me. I welcome him though I knew the next topic he gonna brought up. I chipped in the mystical voice I heard during my speech at JAO 3, he was amazed because he was there but never hear any voice.
Then I said:
"vampire" is there vampire in Nigeria?

Eze was perplexed as he was short of speech and never new what to say. I am Elena Gilbert and am not a vampire is my usual slogan. My Elena is not the one mentioned in vampire diaries but to…


Being Creative (innovation) When we talk creativity, another word use to follow which is "innovation". The word "creativity" as a lot of definitions, I will stick to this because it's my favorite: creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new. Something new created may be physical or non-physical. The past century really knew what creativity is because we citizen of 21st century still depend on their ideas especially in the world of science and engineering. The creative thinking of old folks gave us computer era. I give kudos to this generation because will improved their creative ideas and modify it to something great and wonderful.

Creativity is also the ability to perceive the world in new ways , to unlock the hidden .

The need for creativity The world is expanding day by day with new challenges springing up. To solve this problem, we need creative thinkers. The world now faces challenges like: climate change,terrorism,cyber …

How To Be Healthy.

Be Healthy Health is  wealth according to a wise man. Health is an important topic that gains people attention easily. Fleekersblog take it as responsibility to educate our readers on health. I am an health expert though still in my sophomore year at Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. Just relax with your phone,tablet or PC as we journey into the world of health.

What is health?
Health according to English Dictionary(Android Version)
Health can be define as the state of being free from physical or psychological disease,illness or malfunction. A state of well-being or balance often physical but sometimes also mental and social; the overall level of function of an organism from the cellular level(micro) to social(macro) level.
There is a need for us to be healthy because good health boost our daily activities and performance. A person who have one or two illness will not be in good physical condition. The question now is "how to be healthy"? I know…

5 Ways Not To Damage Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it takes a lot of abuse. Often exposed to the elements , your epidermis and the layers beneath can really take a bashing. if you want to preserve your skin , find below what NOT to do.

GET OVEREXPOSED . There was a time when people thought it was perfectly fine to slather their bodies in baby oil and spend entire days baking in the sun. Over the years, dermatologist set us straight , telling us in no uncertain terms that sun worshipping will only put us on the path to premature aging-and skin cancer.The sun has effects on the cells that renew the skin, and when those cells are injured irreparably you get skin aging and you are more prone to skin cancer. you can tell right away when someone's been spending a lot of time in the sun. Their skin looked very wrinkly and is covered in lots of brown spots and that is from years and years of sun damage.
SMOKE. if the risk of lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease and stroke are not enough t…


Hello folks,I hope you guys enjoy my last article. Goal setting is a common topic among we youth and I noticed that many don't know how to set a goal. I hope you will find the article useful at the end of the day. What is goal setting Goal can be define as a dream,idea or result one is attempting to achieve. Goal setting is the process of putting down your specific goals  at specific time. You can write it inside a book or your pc notepad. I will like to ask you these following questions:
What do you want from life?
What do you want to do with your life?

 if you can answer these two questions then you have a goal/goals.
How To Set Goals Goals can be long or short term. Short term goal time frame is very short while that of long term is set on long  time frame.I will advise you to follow these steps while setting your goals.
1.Brainstorm: think about life generally especially your own life and answer the two questions I highlighted earlier during this process, ideas will come and th…

Elena's Diary: Part 5

Elena Gilbert Diary
22/11/2016 Dear diary, My first lecture was awesome which I recounted in my last visit. The voice I heard that day remains a mystery, I don't know the source of the sound and am the only student who heard the voice. A thought spring up in me: is there vampire in Nigeria.I later forgo the thought and encourage my self by saying I am Elena Gilbert and am not a vampire. I am a girl who enjoy the company of intelligent student and am lucky to have them as room mates. I will like to tell you about my room mates, oh diary. There are six members in my room and here I introduced them :
1.Olusola Damilola : it's hard for me to pronounce the name but I found it easy to put down.A student in Department of Biochemistry, her chronological age is 21.She is currently in 200level with a cumulative G.P of 4.98. Dammy(her nickname) is brilliant,intelligent and smart. She read 10 hours per day. One funny thing about her is her friendly smile. I like Dammy because she's h…