How To Be Healthy.

be healthy

Be Healthy

Health is  wealth according to a wise man. Health is an important topic that gains people attention easily. Fleekersblog take it as responsibility to educate our readers on health. I am an health expert though still in my sophomore year at Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. Just relax with your phone,tablet or PC as we journey into the world of health.

What is health?

Health according to English Dictionary(Android Version)
Health can be define as the state of being free from physical or psychological disease,illness or malfunction. A state of well-being or balance often physical but sometimes also mental and social; the overall level of function of an organism from the cellular level(micro) to social(macro) level.
There is a need for us to be healthy because good health boost our daily activities and performance. A person who have one or two illness will not be in good physical condition. The question now is "how to be healthy"? I know many of us would have stumble upon many health articles, here I will be focusing on two areas.

1. Nutrition (foundation for healthy living)


Nutrition is the process of nourishing the body. Nutritionist do say something:"you are what you eat" so trust me, what you take in really matters. Below I highlight ways to live healthy life through diet.


Ways to eat healthy

According to president council on fitness,sports and nutrition, United State of America:

1.Let half of your plate be fruit and vegetables:I employ you to choose orange,red and dark-green vegetables like tomatoes and sweet potatoes along with other vegetable for your meals. Also don't forget to add fruits. The more colorful you make your plate, the more likely you are to get the vitamins,minerals and fiber your body needs to be healthy.

2.Switch from a refined grain food to a whole grain food. For example eat whole-wheat bread instead of white bread. Anytime you are in the supermarket to buy your food stuff,check the label. Check for the following: whole wheat,brown rice,oatmeal or wild rice.

3.Drink water instead of sugary drinks:water really help the biochemical process in our body. Did you know that you can cut calories by drinking water or unsweetened beverages. Soda,energy drinks and sport drinks are major source of added sugar and calories in our diets.

4.Compare sodium in food: use the nutrition facts label to choose lower sodium versions of foods like bread and frozen meals. Select canned foods with low sodium.

5. Eat fewer food that contain solid fats.
That's it on nutrition,you need to see a register dietitian nutritionist for further help on food selection for certain health conditions.


Exercise is the physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness.Research shows that people who exercise their body are more healthier than those who didn't. Frankly speaking, many don't do exercise daily because of their work schedule unless you are an athlete or gym instructor but at least four times in a week is not bad for exercising your body. You can do light jogging,dancing,brisk walk or try martial art. Expert says"exercising causes the body to produce endorphin's chemicals that can help a person to feel more peaceful and happy. I hope you gonna apply this to your daily routine.

Hope you enjoy the write up? feel free to give your comment.
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by Olayemi Michael


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