Being Creative (innovation)

When we talk creativity, another word use to follow which is "innovation". The word "creativity" as a lot of definitions, I will stick to this because it's my favorite: creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new. Something new created may be physical or non-physical. The past century really knew what creativity is because we citizen of 21st century still depend on their ideas especially in the world of science and engineering. The creative thinking of old folks gave us computer era. I give kudos to this generation because will improved their creative ideas and modify it to something great and wonderful.

Creativity is also the ability to perceive the world in new ways , to unlock the hidden .

The need for creativity

The world is expanding day by day with new challenges springing up. To solve this problem, we need creative thinkers. The world now faces challenges like: climate change,terrorism,cyber crime e.t.c. These problems require novel idea to solve but I noticed that the world is not talking about creativity in key aspect again. Less I forget, creativity applied to different fields like Music, Business, Art,Engineering, Science e.t.c.

Nowadays we have many creative musicians rocking the world of music, creative businessmen and women ruling business world but the world of science is suffering declination and that's why am troubled to write a topic on creativity.

Youth of planet Earth, it's time for us to start thinking on how to make this world a better place. Some people gave way for us and by doing so, they provided something good for us to enjoy. We too are gonna give a way for coming generation and the question is what are we gonna leave for them.

How to be creative

Accept this from me, I want you to know that everyone in this world has what it takes to creat novel idea. Then how?
1. Work on your talent and turn it to skills. A talent is a raw potential but when refined,it turn to a skill.

2. Be a thinker: always challenge yourself with strange questions like "is it possible to build a house on air". When you do that, Ideas will come.

3. Put down your ideas:it's very important, make sure you put down what comes into your mind.

4. Test your ideals by doinf little research on it.

5.Be a good observant and always learn from things around you.

The world need your idea so be ready to share it.

Benefits In Creativity

1.Your creative ideas can immortalize you as the world never forget innovators. People like Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Marie Curie e.t.c still lives in our world today because of their creative ideas.

2. It could serve as a source of income because the world will surely pay for problem solving ideas.

3. It also serve as source of pleasure,when you do something new, it will surely makes you happy.

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Hello fabulous readers I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day ahead.


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