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How To Study Effectively

Achieving academic success in college or high school need good study habit. In today’s article, I analyzed  reading techniques I believe you can use  to achieve good grade.

I grouped this article into two parts

1. Pre- Study Time
2. Study Techniques

Pre- Study Time

This include what you must do before you study


Time management (make a study plan): how you manage your time is very essential, make a weekly schedule and allocate certain amount of time per day to study. The amount allocated may varies depending on your level of assimilation, how hard is your course of study, are you in college or high school? Time schedule will  help your grade and you need to stick with the schedule. While making the schedule, you need to be realistic and make sure the study plan is feasible. Make sure you add eating, dressing and class schedule to your schedule.
Please note, you may need to forgo extracurricular activities until your grade goes higher.
Time allocation to each course should be based on how hard the courses are. The hardest course should get more attention and time.

Time yourself : you need to find the best speed at which you assimilate. If you are the type that study slowly, then you need more time to study.

Sleep well: Studies have shown that sleeping  impacts test taking by improving memory and attentiveness. Create time for sleep in your schedule.  There’s no need cramming all night if you can study all week during the day. Just relax at night, sleep and get refresh for the following day.

Do away with electronic gadget: gadgets can aid studies but they can also mar it. Put off your phone while reading as messages from social media might me a distraction.

Find a nice and conducive place to study: The library is okay, you can also use your private room just make sure its  private and conducive.
Some people enjoy reading with background music, if you are a type,please choose a nice music like soul and  RnB, Rap or Pop might distract you.

Keep the television off while reading: having it on is a bad idea because the ongoing program may call for your attention and in doing so you will stop studying and focus your attention on the program. To movie addict, it better you stay away from it anytime you wanted to study because the urge for movie can be a devastating distraction.

Healthy eating boost brain 
performance, you can take fruits like apple or vegetables while studying it keep you afresh also you need water to get hydrated.

How to study effectively

Study Techniques

Choosing effective technique is essential for those who find it hard to study. I know some of us have our own style of reading, the techniques I'm about to reveal is very okay and you may replace your old style with it.

SQ3R Technique

S-Survey: glance through the book content,chapters,headings and bold texts
Q-Question: make each heading into question
R-Read: read the chapters bearing the questions you already made in mind.
R-Recite: Read out the answers to the questions(you get answers to the question while reading the chapters). Recite it aloud if you are in your private room. Also recite any other information you got from the book 
R-Review: review the chapters again and see if you miss any important points. Make a summary after reviewing.

THIEVES Technique

This is an interesting technique for fast readers.

*Check the title and ask yourself what do I know about the title,what does the title say about the selected chapter, this will help you to know likely things you gonna meet while reading.

* Move straight to the introduction. What does it tell you about the chapter. Just note it.

* Check the headings and sub heading, it gonna tell you something about the chapter you intended to study. Turn each heading and sub heading into question as this will surely help your reading.

*Read the first paragraph, the first paragraph will surely tell you want the content entails

*Look at all visuals e.g graph,pictures,tables,chart e.t.c Note the datas and use it to create a scene in your mind.

*Read the summary chapter.


If you are a college student, make sure you attend lectures and take note while in lecture hall.

Re write the lecture in your own understanding when you get to your hostel or home.

Write down questions.

Always ask question in class, don't feel shy.

Mingle with the best and form reading group with students who are better than you.

And finally....pray.


  1. Thanks for the article! It will come in handy. I write articles for writers and so I have a lot to learn. And thanks to your article, I know how to do it more efficiently.


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