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WHEN I WAS YOUNG (short story)

When I Was Young Childhood is glorious and interesting not for all forks though. I could remember vividly how I transcended from that young boy who couldn't be the best footballer to a young boy who found it's place in academic world. Childhood exposed me to diverse activities especially football,academics and what I called bush raiding which I will lay more emphasis in this short story of mine.All the highlighted activities demanded success but I discovered that one can't be good in all but can be the best in particular one.

It all happened long time ago in Abeokuta , Nigeria, in a small clan. We were ten young kids of age 6 to 10 growing up together. Some of us attended the same Nursery school and what made our days more interesting is football and bush attacking.

Bush raiding, I could remember vividly how we attacked the nearby bush in our clan in order to catch Dragonfly. There were over five species of this Insect in my clan with different colors(red,blue and yellow).…